Company Logo is official!


Bear Logic Labs is one step closer to taking over the world announcing ourselves in the video game industry. Our logo is official and Code Name: Panda Cub is in the works. Check back for images from the game as we get it developed.

Welcome to the Bear Cave

I’d call it the bat cave…but we’re Bear Logic Labs, not Batman (or…are we?)


This week marks yet another milestone for our company as we moved into our office and set up our equipment for the first time.  It was a long couple of days, but the result was worth it.  Each computer has been tailored to its user, one running AMD and an ultrawide monitor, the other running nVidia with three monitors.  Add a mini fridge, a microwave and a runner for the bicycles and we are ready to go.

From the exposed wood beams to the 115 year old stone walls, our new office simply breathes history and character.  Between the accessibility to historic downtown, the bike trail system which wraps around the city and a myriad of eateries (from dessert shops to fine dining or greasy spoons, they’re all only a stone’s throw away) we are surrounded by amenities, history and an easy escape should we begin to feel claustrophobic.

It’s a new day for us here at Bear Logic Labs, LLC. and we’re excited to invite you along for the ride.

Bear Logic Labs is now official!

As of December 15th the LLC paper work has been filed with the state and we are now an official entity.  We are currently working with an Artist to get a Logo and a Company ID created.

We will be expanding the website, so this blog will be moved over to a blog section and we’ll have the primary page focusing on the game as it develops.  That’s right, you’ll get to see the unveiling of our game’s name, but not just yet, and we’re not giving away any hints!

Also, we’ll have a section that we will post up the concept art as we get it created and we will be starting a development blog so those that are interested will be able to keep tabs on how the game is proceeding.  This is different from the company blog which will focus more on our company as a whole as well as our miscellaneous adventures.

These are exciting times and Matt and I are looking forward to this adventure that we have set out on.  A little back ground on us for those that are interested in it.

Both Matt and I worked together at another game studio, but due to creative differences we decided to leave and create our own Company.  How did we come up with the name of our Company?  It’s simple…but also very tied into our personalities.  I have an ongoing joke with friends and family about all things related to Bears.  Meanwhile, Matt has a fascination with math and science, and wanted to incorporate Labs (or Laboratories) in the name.  Then we needed something to tie them together, something that we both are intimately familiar with and tied to.  Thus became Logic.  Throw these all together and you have Bear Logic Labs.